General Breakers Australia    P: 02 9833 8788 | F: 02 9833 8722 | A: Unit 1, 2 Severn Street, St Marys NSW 2760 ROCK BREAKER RELIABILITY GB HYDRAULIC BREAKERS GB Breakers strives to maximize the satisfaction of our customers by offering high-quality products at competitive prices, along with prompt and professional after-sales services. With over a 1000 rock breakers sold in Australia the GB Hydraulic Breakers have proven to be a exceptional and reliable rock breaker for the earthmoving mining & construction industries   GB Hydraulic Rock Breakers (Low Noise)  Extended Piston Stroke Smoother operation Minimal repercussion on carrier Improved piston Manufactured with high quality nickel & vanadium alloy steel GB Tool Exceptional performance and reliability Manufactured with high quality alloy steel Gas Piston Accumulator Start up safety Power accumulator Lubrication for entire Shift Reduce wear & tear Consistent availability due to extended maintenance wear intervals Cylinder & Valve Prevent scoring due to precision finish treatment Tie Rod Dynamic screw design prevents damage & extends life of the rods Accumulator Reduce irregular pulse pressure on hydraulic circuit Improves striking power with supply of accumulated gas pressure