General Breakers Australia    P: 02 9833 8788 | F: 02 9833 8722 | A: Unit 1, 2 Severn Street, St Marys NSW 2760 .     GB Hydraulic Rockbreaker Extended Piston Stroke Improved Piston General Breaker range of hydraulic attachments has serviced the Australian earthmoving industry since 1998. With models available to suit 0.5 ton up to 65 ton, you can be rest assured there is a suitable GB hammer for your rock breaking needs. GB hammers offer superior productivity in rock breaking applications, with local spare parts availability that’s second-to-none. With over 1,500 hammers operating right around Australia, and our Australia-wide network of dealers, you have peace of mind that GB hammers are being fully supported wherever you are. Smooth operation Minimal repercussions on carrier Manufactured with high quality nickel & vanadium alloy steel GB Hammer Brochure GB Australia Dealer Listing